Andreas Drapa

Koen Van Roy
September 30, 2019
Ronald & Sietse Fokkinga
October 12, 2019
reas Drapa is a phenomenon! He has achieved countless spectacular results during his Pigeon sport career and without doubt he is probably the best German pigeon fancier of all times!
To explain all his results would be like carrying coals to Newcastle, absolutely. He has won everything existing in the pigeon world. Seven times he became the German champion! Who else can achieve this? It is almost impossible to count all his Olympic pigeons and Ace pigeons. He knows better than anybody how to breed pigeons which are a class better than the rest of the competition. He has great expertise in breeding and the right touch in coaching the racers, which has guaranteed success.  He leaves nothing to chance  – everything is thought through. Now and then I have had the chance to talk with him and I noticed that he was constantly in meditation. He is a perfectionist in all interests and there are only a few who understand the pigeon sport as well as he does. For me, Andreas Drapa is without doubt the biggest champion that Germany has ever seen!
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