Jos Thone

El Azoua & Motaki
September 29, 2019
Guy Van Der Auwera
September 30, 2019

Jos Thoné is an amateur always ahead of his time and he was and will remain an international reference of all times. His passion is to devote himself to his pigeons and this in one and only goal: to win and stay among the best, that of 100 kilometers to Barcelona. The supremacy of Jos Thoné in the international pigeon sport is not in doubt. Since moving to the rue de la croix in 1991, its evolution has been exceptional. Excelling, pushing the limits, winning all there is to gain … that remains his goal, as on the first day

In his Ace-based colony, quality has always been the mainstay of his success. His ambition, his passion, his total involvement and his thirst for victory have done the rest and his record speaks of him