October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020




A unique composition that stimulates the pigeons’ natural resistance.

Prodigest is a well-balanced mixture of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and enterococcus faecium. This product contains a unique composition that stimulates the pigeons’ natural resistance. The feathers soften considerably, the flesh becomes more pink and the pigeons will shed more down. The composition of the vitamins and amino acids stimulates a faster recovery and condition building. Thanks to the presence of the electrolytes, the pigeons will become rounder and the excellent intake of moisture ensures the muscle building.

The enterococcus faecium, the added probiotic, ensures the good flow of the intestinal flora and the organism is being stimulated. This is why we recommend to have the product at your disposal all the time as a support for the young pigeons against the feared adeno virus. The structure of Prodigest ensures that, when you add it to the food, the food will be better digested which helps the pigeons build a better resistance and get in shape faster.
It is also indicated to support the pigeons after vaccination and help them build more resistance.


Stimulate the natural resistance, maintain better feathers, pinker flesh, more down, maintain the intestinal balance at stress moments. Better use of the food after races, coupling, weaning and vaccination.


Glucose – Magnesium glycerol phosphate – Sodium chloride – Potassium Chloride – vitamins: A (3a672b) – D3 (E671) – E (3a700)

Instructions for use:

15g (1 tablespoon) per kg of food or per 1,5 l of water: 1st and 3rd day after homecoming

In case of imbalance of the intestines during 7 days in combination with Conditioner Plus.